Special 1. Daily Data Feed

Approx 450K +/- records per day
30+ verticals
All records are 24 hours old or less
Mainly U.S. data, some UK
Delivered daily (7 days per week) via private FTP


Special 2. Bi-Weekly Data Feed

Approx 7.5 +/- million records per week
Records vary 1-30 days old
U.S. Data
Delivered twice per week via private FTP
* Free with Special 1 purchase


Special 3. Daily Data Feed

Approx 3.5 million +/- records per day
20+ Verticals
Records are 24-48 hours old
Mainly U.S. data, some UK
Delivered M-F via private FTP


Depending on the data source, all records have email, IP, timestamp, and source URL. Some also have first/last name, city, state, zip, others will also include DOB, sex, phone, etc…

Best prices anywhere!

Limited spots available

Special 4. Massive Legacy Data Dump

Get all in-house bulk data (2017-2013).

Most have records, with a minimum of email, first/last name, timestamp, IP and source url, many have address, phone, etc…

Covers all popular verticals. Many openers / clickers and suppression files. US/foreign is around 80/20 split.

Approx 70K+ files and upwards of a couple billion records.

A true GOLDMINE for anyone that monetizes aged data!

Download it all for an insanely low price.

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