Special 1. Fresh / Targeted Daily Data Feed

Approx 500K +/- records per day
20+ verticals
All records have email, IP, timestamp, and source url
90%+ also have first name, last name, city, state, zip
All records are approx 24 hours old or less
Mainly US data, some UK
Delivered via private FTP
Limited Spots

The feed costs $4000 per month if you were to get directly from the data provider.

Get it for a fraction of the price!!!


Special 2. Massive Legacy Data Dump

Get all in-house bulk data (mainly 2013-2016).

Most have records, with a minimum of email, first/last name, timestamp, IP and source url, many have address, pnone, etc…

Covers all popular verticals. Many openers / clickers and suppression files.

US/foreign is around 80/20 split.

Approx 70K+ files and upwards of a couple billion records.

A true GOLDMINE for anyone that monetizes aged data!

Download it all for an insanely low price.

Special 3. Fresh Opens (0-90 days)

Fresh openers are based on when the user last opened, not the date of recorded opt-in.

2 files are provided.

File 1: has email, IP, date
File 2: full fields, however, the field order is not consistent since the appended data is not consistent across all data

The day of, or the day prior to delivery, the file will have been processed/cleaned via Impressionwise or Email Oversight.

These are for end buyers/users only
Not for resale
Not for swapping in a trade
Not for sharing with multiple mailers.

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