Special 1. Daily Data Feed

Approx 450K +/- records per day
30+ verticals
All records are 24 hours old or less
Mainly U.S. data, some UK
Delivered daily (7 days per week) via private FTP


Special 2. Daily Data Feed

Approx 3.5 million +/- records per day
20+ Verticals
Records are 24-48 hours old
Mainly U.S. data, some UK
Delivered M-F via private FTP


Depending on the data source, all records have email, IP, timestamp, and source URL. Some also have first/last name, city, state, zip, others will also include DOB, sex, phone, etc…

Best prices anywhere!

Limited spots available


Special 3. 2017 Buyers / Partials Lists

All data is U.S.
Approx 2.5mm records
Verticals: CBD, Skin, Diet, and Male testosterone

Special 4. Massive Legacy Data Dump

Get all in-house bulk data (2017-2013).

Most have records, with a minimum of email, first/last name, timestamp, IP and source url, many have address, phone, etc…

Covers all popular verticals. Many openers / clickers and suppression files. US/foreign is around 80/20 split.

Approx 70K+ files and upwards of a couple billion records.

A true GOLDMINE for anyone that monetizes aged data!

Download it all for an insanely low price.

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